RevelWell is your dedicated online wellness platform offering world class training, the highest quality streaming and a one-on-one dialogue with your trainer from the comfort of your own home. Ride and Yoga are available 24/7, so you can train when and where suits you.

Choose from a huge selection of Rides and Yoga Flows that you can access at a time that suits YOU!

Our purpose is to empower people with choice on how, when and where they train. We offer world class training from a growing team of leading wellness experts. Our vision is to create the new benchmark for digital fitness and wellbeing, for people anywhere, with a focus on personal and individual connection and a two-way dialogue between trainer and clientele.


Choose Your Ride

Choose from a huge selection of rides to suit your mood and energise your day

Find Your Flow

Find your flow with guided yoga sessions. Take on a 4 part series to find your feet or a quick 25 minute flow to ground yourself for the day. All included in your subscription