Why We're Here

Our purpose is to empower people with choice on how & when they work out. We have developed an industry leading platform designed for the future of health & wellness.

Our vision is to create the new benchmark for digital fitness & wellbeing, for people anywhere.

Our mission is to ensure every experience, interaction, communication & product we deliver, is grounded in choice, quality & care.

Your Trainer

Eve is a Cert III Fitness Trainer, Head Ride Instructor & Yoga Teacher at RevelWell.

Her experience as an international DJ & career in fashion has helped shape her into one of Australia’s most unique fitness experts.

As well as her enviable taste in music, Eve’s palpable positivity enables you to develop an authentic connection which she strongly believes is the key to achieving your goals together.

Passionate about coaching each client based on their individual needs, Eve’s focus on delivering the highest quality training experience & honing in on the unique motivators of each client is her top priority.

Eve & her team have built RevelWell as an answer to the wellness community's needs for a progressive, connected & energy-fuelled training experience.


RevelWell is brand new approach to fitness & wellness that allows you to choose when, where & how you train.

A subscription-based membership, the global RevelWell community & fitness programs are built on a unique & holistic approach to the way we train. From approachability & affordability to growth through progression & communication, RevelWell values YOU & what your goals & dreams are.

For only $14.95 AUD per week, you have unlimited access to ALL our Rides & Yoga Flows.

Let us join you on your journey. We will revel in these moments & RevelWell together