Eve's Top 5 Tips For Training at Home

Written On: Saturday Jun 6th, 2020

1. Assign The Time

It's important to create a schedule for your training and stick to it! If you know you have a busy day tomorrow, set an early alarm and get your training in first-thing, to avoid running out of time (or motivation) later on.

Don't leave your training to chance. Carve out time each Sunday to map out how many sessions you want to complete in the week and which days / times suit you best and put them in your calendar. The flexibility of online training means our Rides are available to you 24/7, you just need to lock in the time that you’re going to get involved!


 2. Get The Gear You Need To Succeed

To get the most out of your training we recommend using the best bike you can afford, wearing proper spin shoes and investing in pedals with cleats. If your bike doesn’t have SPD compatible pedals it’s easy to change out pedals on most bikes. Our RevelWell Classic for example is compatible with the Scwhinn Triple Link Pedals

 Training in proper spin shoes while clipped in drastically improves the form of your pedal stroke, meaning you utilize your glute muscles much more effectively by pulling your feet up as well as pushing the pedals down. You will see a significant improvement in your performance if you level up to clipping in


3.  Hydrate

Get real sweaty during training? Great! But, you should show up on the bike already hydrated, so you don’t run out of gas in the tank during the session. A good indicator that you need more water is if your lips are dry or cracked, as our skin is the last organ to receive water. Aim to finish a 500mL bottle before you train and a litre during and after. Hate plain H2o? Infuse your bottle with fresh fruit, cucumber and mint and consider Hydralite and coconut water, which are also great for restoring lost electrolytes and sodium from profuse sweating. 


 4. Always Clean Your Bike After Every Use

Your bike will be your most loyal training ally for a LONG time if you just invest in a little TLC. Preserve the metal parts on your bike by cleaning off sweat with a washcloth dipped in diluted soapy water and then dry thoroughly with a separate cloth… rust ain’t cute yo. 


 5. Stretch and Recover Properly

Training every day can be great but your real results actually occur during rest periods when the muscle fibres have adequate time to repair. To avoid overtraining or injury, give yourself a day between Rides or enjoy cross-training like strengthening mat pilates, walking and bootcamp to get the most out of your Rides. 

Yoga and stretching are fantastic for mobility, regulating the nervous system, and increasing flexibility so try to incorporate one or two sessions in your week. Ride often? Let’s unpack those hips and hamstrings! You can check out our dedicated yoga flow here - ideal for balancing the work we do on the bike.






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