Introducing: Stephanie Malouf - Nutritionist & Mindset Coach

Written On: Wednesday Jul 3rd, 2020

Stephanie Malouf is a nutritionist and mindset coach dedicated to helping people create a healthy relationship with food in order to live a healthy and happy life. After healing her own body from through diet & lifestyle and experiencing the incredible healing powers of food, Stephanie wanted to educate others on how to do the same. This led her to completing a Bachelor of Health Science; Nutritional Medicine and further sides in the field of psychology.

Through years in practice Stephanie has learnt there are two key ingredients to having a healthy relationship with food; understanding food and how it affects your body and having a healthy relationship with yourself with a positive mindset.

Stephanie works with her clients not just on changing their diet and lifestyle habits but also their mindset and limiting beliefs in order to break negative patterns and achieve their health goals for good. 

Stephanie offers a FREE 15min express consultation and body composition assessment for new clients. Book now!

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