Why We Choose To Use Schwinn Bikes

Written On: Monday Sep 1st, 2020

Why We Choose To Use Schwinn Bikes


RevelWell recently teamed up with Schwinn Bikes, to release our own branded performance spin bikes - so what does that mean for our riders? 


In the world of indoor cycling, your choice of bike is more than just a set of wheels - it’s a tool used to aid you on your wellness journey, so you’re going to want to ensure that it’s going to go the distance. 


We know better than most what needs to be considered when purchasing a new spin bike for your home or studio - is it comfortable, is it adjustable, is it going to be a nightmare to move? The good news is that we’ve done all of the research for you. 

About Schwinn Bikes


In 1891, German native Ignaz Schwinn immigrated to the United States to pursue a better life for himself. Settling in Chicago, Schwinn worked for several bicycle enterprises before meeting Adolf Arnold. Together they set up their very own factory and founded “World Bicycles” - the very first trading name for the earliest Schwinn models. 


Fast forward to the 21st century, and the name Schwinn is synonymous with the world’s best bicycles on the market. Other than the iconic cruisers of the 1950’s, you may have also seen Mike’s limited edition Schwinn “Stingray” cruising the streets of Hawkins via Netflix’s “Stranger Things”Quite simply, Schwinn bikes are everywhere - even though you might not have recognised them at the time. 

Indoor Cycling And Schwinn Bikes


In 1995 the team at Schwinn partnered with fitness guru Johnny Goldberg to release their first ever “spin” bike. Backed with decades of experience in producing high quality cycling products, the spin phenomenon went on to spawn a worldwide network of fitness instructors, facilities, distributors - and the first generation of “spinners”. 


Although Schwinn’s working relationship with “Johnny G” ended in 2001, it did prove to be the catalyst that allowed Schwinn to relaunch their own range of indoor cycling bikes, the first being the Pro and Elite models. As time went on and technology advanced even further, the attention to detail, practicality, advancements and materials wowed audiences, with consumer feedback going through the roof. 


For Sydney based spin superstar and RevelWell founder Eve Smith, there was really only one brand that came to mind when it was time to release her own range of indoor cycling equipment for her clients. Up to 150 riders tune in every day for her digital spin classes, but to do so - each and everyone one of those riders require a spin bike at home. Logically, it then made sense for Eve to start offering her own bikes for sale - providing that they were able to meet the expectations of both herself, and her clients. 

Schwinn Bikes For Sale At RevelWell


To ensure that studio quality equipment was available to her clients from the comfort of their home, Eve spent countless hours sourcing the perfect provider. As a result, RevelWell now offers two separate Schwinn spin bike models to their customers. 


The RevelWell Performance 


Marked as the “AC” (authentic cycling) model, it features a carbon blue belt drive system. This combines both maintenance-free durability and a more authentic ride style with the feel of a chain. Other inclusions to note are the gel saddle pad for extra comfort, toe cage pedals and SPD cleat fixtures. It’s also got the smallest footprint of any commercial indoor bike on the market, making it user friendly in even the smallest of homes. To make the process that little bit easier, the RevelWell Performance bike is also delivered fully assembled! 


The RevelWell Classic


A slightly smaller and budget friendly alternative, the RevelWell Classic offers a sturdy steel frame, heavy perimeter weighted flywheel, traditional chain drive and direct pressure brake. Just like the RevelWell Performance spin bike, it also includes the gel saddle pad for extra comfort. Standard pedal inclusions are familiar classic flat beds, with cages that accommodate regular athletic and sports footwear. Ditch the screwdriver and get riding, as the RevelWell Classic is also delivered fully assembled. 


Bonus Extras


To really encourage that lifestyle change, Eve and the team at RevelWell also offer a four week subscription with every bike purchase. Spin classes and indoor cycling are some of the best ways to build lean muscle, burn fat, improve cardio health and strengthen your core. Apart from the many physical benefits, your mental health will thank you for it too. 


If you’re looking for a full body home workout solution and ready to join the RevelWell community, please don’t hesitate to contact us about our digital rides or investing in a Schwinn bike. After all, we’re more than a movement - we’re a lifestyle. 



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